Age is no barrier - Train With Purpose

Here at Team Momentum we have clients of all ages and fitness levels, people with specific sport based training goals, and people who train for an event or just to be healthy, fit and strong.

Take Terrona for example - in her 60's (I know she wont mind us saying this as she is Clare's mum!) - and in the midst of trekking the Camino de Santiago - known also as The Way of St James. This "walk" is approx 800km, broken up in to sections (see example above). You walk, then rest, eat and sleep in special accommodation houses called auberges - meeting, walking, sharing food and wine with your fellow "pilgrims" along the way.

"The Camino offers many things to many people, each comes on the journey with their own  motivations – but all are united by the common goal of reaching Santiago. For centuries the Camino de Santiago has been a great teacher and leveller, all those who travel it’s path connect with simplicity and are changed in some way, great or small."

If you have a goal for your training, if you want to know how YOU could prepare yourself and complete such a walk, or any activity/event/sport then get in touch with us. We can build your strength and fitness from any base, no matter what your fitness level or age. There are no barriers to achieving your goals. Train with Purpose. Train with Direction. Get in touch now!

If you want to keep up with Terrona and follow her journey - simply follow her on Facebook "Terrona Ramsay" - easy to find with such a unique name.