21 Day Shred - Body Fat lost, Fitness times smashed

Congrats to all of our men and women who completed the 21 Day Shred. With a combined focus on nutrition and training we saw some amazing results. Take the above for example, one of our new men Brad managed to drop 7kg over the 21 days as well as to take his fitness test time from 21 mins 47 seconds to 17mins flat - smashing more than 4 minutes off his time.

We don't stop here, work has begun this week on our next training phase - 6 Week Prime Movers. During the next 6 weeks we aim to build the bodies 4 prime movement patterns which must be strong for us to function smoothly - these are movements we use everyday and are the cornerstones to functional human movement:
1. Squat
2. Bend (deadlift)
3. Push (bench,push up…), and
4. Pull (haha stop it… pull up, row)
These 4 movements are the foundations of this training phase - add to this our conditioning and accessory core and activation work and you have a good idea of what our clients expect to gain over the next 6 weeks.

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