Man Up Samson training well underway

Its right around the corner.... the 2018 Lismore Samson Fitness Challenge, and our Men have been training up a storm to conquer this event for the 2nd year running. 

Here at Man Up we train with purpose and direction, we work towards goals and we do it as a team. We train for health, fitness and we also train to push ourselves and try out events like Samson - and we do it all whilst having a ball.

We have men who have been athletes, we have men who have never set foot in a gym before, and we all work together to become healthier, happier and stronger. 

Want to get involved? come and try it out, click here to come and try it out.

Thanks to our Team & Merry Xmas to all

WOW - What a year it has been for Team Momentum & Man UP. We have had Mikey and Cal head off on new adventures, moved to a new and improved facility and welcomed 3 new coaches Luke, Tom and Laurens and also our customer relations guru Jayden.

We would like to thank all of our coaching team including also Crystal and Gregg and also thank all of YOU our members. We are one big family, and we thank you for your commitment in 2017 and look forward to dominating 2018. Team Momentum would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Have a relaxing, healthy, fun filled festive break. See you for our Xmas timetable. Interested in joining the team? check all the info here.

Momentum is on the Move - TIME FOR AN UPGRADE

Copy of We are on the move.png

After 5 years at Kortum Drive, its time to say thank you for the memories and farewell, and time to say a BIG hello to our new space - OPENING ON 27TH NOVEMBER at 26 Fremantle Street Burleigh Heads.

We could not of made this move without the help and support of our extended family - the Momentum and Man Up family that is. We started out all those years ago with a vision to create a place to train that is not a regular gym, but rather a place to gather and hang out with friends. A big family of people from all walks of life, from all locations around the world, that now call the Gold Coast home. We love you all.

Bring on the next 5 years! Stay tuned for some video of the new space. Stay tuned also for a new timetable and details of our Open Day. If you want to find out more about joining the Momentum team get in touch here.

Cheers, Wade, Clare, Indie and the entire Team Momentum crew.

Age is no barrier - Train With Purpose

Here at Team Momentum we have clients of all ages and fitness levels, people with specific sport based training goals, and people who train for an event or just to be healthy, fit and strong.

Take Terrona for example - in her 60's (I know she wont mind us saying this as she is Clare's mum!) - and in the midst of trekking the Camino de Santiago - known also as The Way of St James. This "walk" is approx 800km, broken up in to sections (see example above). You walk, then rest, eat and sleep in special accommodation houses called auberges - meeting, walking, sharing food and wine with your fellow "pilgrims" along the way.

"The Camino offers many things to many people, each comes on the journey with their own  motivations – but all are united by the common goal of reaching Santiago. For centuries the Camino de Santiago has been a great teacher and leveller, all those who travel it’s path connect with simplicity and are changed in some way, great or small."

If you have a goal for your training, if you want to know how YOU could prepare yourself and complete such a walk, or any activity/event/sport then get in touch with us. We can build your strength and fitness from any base, no matter what your fitness level or age. There are no barriers to achieving your goals. Train with Purpose. Train with Direction. Get in touch now!

If you want to keep up with Terrona and follow her journey - simply follow her on Facebook "Terrona Ramsay" - easy to find with such a unique name. 

Suspension Training at Momentum

Did you know that you are able to do an entire workout on the suspension equipment? Abs, arms, back, glutes, hammies, whatever it is you can do it. Suspension training optimises your body weights potential and can be modified to be as easy or as hard as you like. It aids with recovery and can help you build a VERY strong core. Want to know more or see how we integrate suspension training in to our sessions? come and try it out - register for your 6 day trial.  

Viking athletes doing their thing at Momentum

Thanks Jelly for giving us a highlight of what our Vikings athletes get up to each week with their Strength & Conditioning program at Momentum. S&C is crucial for all to build power and strength. It is even more crucial for athletes and in particular sprinters as they require more lean muscle to generate explosive power to run faster! Some other great benefits of strength and conditioning in relation to improving your running - sprinting or endurance:

  • Helps to build lean muscle
  • Aids in injury prevention
  • Improves body composition (decreased body fat)
  • Helps to improve force production and explosiveness

Want to know more about training at Momentum? too easy - check out our options here

Introducing Crystal - Massage is back!!

You may know Crystal - our Team Momentum yoga guru. But what you may not know is that she is also a really really really good massage therapist. We are happy to announce that you can now book a massage at Momentum with Crystal - when? starting Monday 21st August you will be able to book in on Monday (2pm - 5pm) or Saturday (8am - 12pm).

Crystal is trained in traditional Thai Massage as well as Myo-Fascial Release. If you're feeling sore, have a niggling injury, or want to simply increase your mobility Crystal will work with you to find a solution for your body. Check out Crystal's bio here and to book just message our Page or contact Crystal on 0434 765 601 / 

Manning Up to dominate the Kokoda Trail

A big congrats goes out to Greg Scott who has just completed the ultimate endurance challenge in the Kokoda Trail. Greg began his Man Up journey in 2014 and since then has worked hard to improve his health, his fitness and his mental toughness to be able to complete this epic adventure. 

In Greg's own words..... "It's relentless, the hardest thing I've ever done. Its unbelievable how tough it is. Man Up and lets go for it" - this says it all. Respect for the soldiers who lived this trail all those years ago and respect to Greg for getting it done. This is the perfect way to continue to remember all who sacrificed on the Kokoda Track. If youre interested in seeing how you can achieve a challenge like this, get in touch - start your Man Up Journey now.