Viking athletes doing their thing at Momentum

Thanks Jelly for giving us a highlight of what our Vikings athletes get up to each week with their Strength & Conditioning program at Momentum. S&C is crucial for all to build power and strength. It is even more crucial for athletes and in particular sprinters as they require more lean muscle to generate explosive power to run faster! Some other great benefits of strength and conditioning in relation to improving your running - sprinting or endurance:

  • Helps to build lean muscle
  • Aids in injury prevention
  • Improves body composition (decreased body fat)
  • Helps to improve force production and explosiveness

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Introducing Crystal - Massage is back!!

You may know Crystal - our Team Momentum yoga guru. But what you may not know is that she is also a really really really good massage therapist. We are happy to announce that you can now book a massage at Momentum with Crystal - when? starting Monday 21st August you will be able to book in on Monday (2pm - 5pm) or Saturday (8am - 12pm).

Crystal is trained in traditional Thai Massage as well as Myo-Fascial Release. If you're feeling sore, have a niggling injury, or want to simply increase your mobility Crystal will work with you to find a solution for your body. Check out Crystal's bio here and to book just message our Page or contact Crystal on 0434 765 601 / 

Manning Up to dominate the Kokoda Trail

A big congrats goes out to Greg Scott who has just completed the ultimate endurance challenge in the Kokoda Trail. Greg began his Man Up journey in 2014 and since then has worked hard to improve his health, his fitness and his mental toughness to be able to complete this epic adventure. 

In Greg's own words..... "It's relentless, the hardest thing I've ever done. Its unbelievable how tough it is. Man Up and lets go for it" - this says it all. Respect for the soldiers who lived this trail all those years ago and respect to Greg for getting it done. This is the perfect way to continue to remember all who sacrificed on the Kokoda Track. If youre interested in seeing how you can achieve a challenge like this, get in touch - start your Man Up Journey now.  

Ever wondered what we do in Yoga and why??

yoga image post for blog facebook momentum 56557_309849_n.jpg

Recovery is important especially when you train hard during the week. Yoga, stretching, massage, meditation, surfing, whatever it is, ensure that you do it and do it regularly to keep your body free and ready to go each week. Yoga not only stretches the body it promotes strength and correct breathing techniques. You also get to practise with the awesome Crystal and learn new moves like the one above. Looks harder than it is :) - its amazing what the body can do. Come along to Momentum yoga - you will love it.  

Team Momentum Physio off to London with the Aussie Para Team

WOW! thats a kit. Congrats and best of luck to our resident physio Gregg Fyffe who is off to London with the Australian team for the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships. The Aussie team has 37 athletes in total competing. The Aussies managed to win a whopping 26 medals in the Rio Paralympics - 3 Gold, 9 Silver and 14 Bronze. Lets hope they can do this again in London!

The 2017 World Para Athletics Championships will run from 14th to the 23rd of July taking place at the London Olympic Stadium. Gregg and the athletes will be heading over this Friday. Congratulations to Gregg for getting the gig to support such a successful team, and we wish all of the athletes and you great success in London. Never fear, Gregg will be back on deck at Momentum from 25th July! 

21 Day Shred - Body Fat lost, Fitness times smashed

Congrats to all of our men and women who completed the 21 Day Shred. With a combined focus on nutrition and training we saw some amazing results. Take the above for example, one of our new men Brad managed to drop 7kg over the 21 days as well as to take his fitness test time from 21 mins 47 seconds to 17mins flat - smashing more than 4 minutes off his time.

We don't stop here, work has begun this week on our next training phase - 6 Week Prime Movers. During the next 6 weeks we aim to build the bodies 4 prime movement patterns which must be strong for us to function smoothly - these are movements we use everyday and are the cornerstones to functional human movement:
1. Squat
2. Bend (deadlift)
3. Push (bench,push up…), and
4. Pull (haha stop it… pull up, row)
These 4 movements are the foundations of this training phase - add to this our conditioning and accessory core and activation work and you have a good idea of what our clients expect to gain over the next 6 weeks.

Want to know more?, or join us in this next training phase? sign up now for your free 6 day trial - click here

Man Up 21 Day Shred Underway at Momentum

We are well in to week 2 of our Man Up and Team Momentum 21 Day Shred. The 21 Day Shred has been designed for our team to train hard and smart to gain fitness and reduce body fat. We are running a detox and cleanse nutrition program alongside the Shred, this gives the added benefit of maximising results over the 21 days. Focused training and nutrition = outcomes. Want to find out more? register for your 6 day trial here. 

Nerang Finale Challenge on this Saturday

Its on this Saturday. Nerang finale challenge. Expect to lift, carry, drag, run, and have fun. The event will be run in pairs, so grab a fellow team member or bring a friend or family member. If you dont have a partner that is ok, just rock up and we can pair you on the day. Its time to put all your hard work together and enjoy a challenge, followed by snacks and drinks.